Using Removable Storage Media including Diskettes and CDs

When using removable storage media, there are additional Information Security risks associated with the portability of the media.

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  • Loss or 'disappearance' of disks, tapes, etc. can compromise the confidentiality of the organisation's data.

  • Ensure that all media are stored safely and securely.
  • Make sure that all media are labelled clearly, whether physically and/or electronically, and that they can be located easily when needed.
  • Designate key individuals to monitor the storage and use of removable media.

  • Damage to media compromises the integrity of your corporate records.

  • Follow the manufacturers' recommendations when handling the media.
  • Take protective measures against environmental extremes of temperature, humidity, dust, etc., appropriate to the importance and sensitivity of the data.
  • Consider carefully the safeguards required for any media being moved or stored off-site; especially backup tapes / disks.
  • In the case of irreplaceable data, you should consider taking security copies, each of which must be properly safeguarded.
  • Consider using fire-resistant storage cabinets for such media.

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