Issuing Laptop / Portable Computers to Personnel

Laptops, Portables, Palmtops - even electronic 'organisers' which connect to and store your organisation's data - are included within this topic. Throughout this topic we refer to them collectively as 'laptops'.

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  • Confidential data disclosed to unauthorised persons can damage the organisation.

  • Be certain that the member of staff has a valid business reason for using a laptop.
  • Maintain and update the Hardware Inventory with the primary user's name and contact details.
  • Ensure that you are always able to trace the physical location of the laptop and that the type and sensitivity of any stored data is known and properly secure.
  • Always use any 'power-on' password feature as a simple deterrent to opportunistic usage.
  • Ensure the confidentiality and security of backup files.

  • The use of unlicensed software can subject your organisation to legal action.

  • All software used on the laptop must be licensed and comply with both legal and organisational standards.

  • Scan the laptop for malicious code and viruses regularly.
  • Always scan files before accepting them onto the laptop.

  • Theft of the laptop exposes the organisation to the threat of disclosure of sensitive corporate data to competitors.

  • Ensure that the holder implements adequate safety procedures against theft. Consider the use of securing wires or other security devices in open offices.
  • Ensure that the Hardware Inventory contains relevant allocation details of all computers.
  • Insure the laptop against loss, theft, and damage. Be aware of any exclusions in cover.
  • Prepare guidelines for issuing portable computing equipment.


  • Inadequate backup and recovery routines can lead to the loss of data.

  • Ensure that laptop computers can have their data safeguarded through regular backups.
  • Ensure that the primary user of the equipment recognises their responsibilities in this regard.

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