Maintaining a Hardware Inventory or Register

A register / data base of all computer equipment used within your organisation is to be established and maintained.

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  • Theft of equipment is most likely to result in additional cost to the organisation and could compromise data security.

  • Establish an inventory and implement procedures for updating it.
  • Ensure that you have a procedure to advise the acquisition of new hardware, the disposal of old items, and any changes of location.
  • Periodically verify the correctness of the inventory by checking that a sample of hardware is physically present.

  • Inadequate insurance could render your organisation liable to loss in the event of a claimable event.

  • Establish an inventory and implement procedures for keeping it up-to-date.
  • Ensure that you periodically review the adequacy of your insurance cover.

  • Shortcomings in the planning of equipment replacement, can make it difficult to plan ahead for new technology.

  • Establish an inventory and, in conformance with your IT Plan, 'ear mark' equipment for replacement and plan accordingly.

  • Where documentation is poor, or perhaps non existent, the planning and performance of upgrades to equipment can be both time consuming and also fraught with problems.

  • Establish an inventory and implement procedures for keeping it up to date.
  • Record key information, especially hardware specifications and system software names and versions.

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