Using Video Conferencing Facilities

Using communication network facilities to provide simultaneous sound and vision facilities between individuals or groups of individuals.

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  • An overheard or (worse) tapped meeting can result in leaked information. Where such information is sensitive, the results can potentially be very damaging.

  • Be cautious when discussing sensitive content over public communications lines.
  • If information needs to be communicated by video conference on a regular basis, and such information is highly confidential, you should consider the use of encrypted communication lines.
  • Failing to authenticate the identity of other parties to the video conference can result in a breach to information confidentiality.

  • Whilst you may establish visual confirmation, you should nevertheless establish a procedure for confirming the true identities of the parties involved in the meeting beyond reasonable doubt.
  • Follow up with a written note of key issues discussed and agreements reached. Use secure fax and / or letter if legal reliance is expected. An encrypted message could provide even greater security.
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