Managing Data Storage

The storage of information and data is a day to day function for all organisations. It requires careful management to ensure that Information Security issues are dealt with adequately.

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  • Where data and information files are not saved and stored securely, your organisation's activities can be severely disrupted.

  • All computer systems and their associated data files must have agreed backup and recovery (restore) procedures for their associated data files.
  • The most recent backup tapes or disks must be stored in a secure environment, e.g. a fire proof safe, with regular transfers to and from remote (off-site) storage.
  • Prepare backups of software and configuration files regularly - protect them carefully.
  • Periodically, perhaps annually, perform a full restore to ensure that the procedures will function in time of need.
  • Important data may become unavailable due to deletion. This can lead to a range of difficulties, the least of which may be embarrassment.

  • All data files and their associated software programs relating to your core activities, should be retained indefinitely and kept secure.
  • Ensure that access to the 'old' data is still available when required, perhaps by archiving to optical disks.
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