Photocopying Confidential Information

Photocopy machines are located in almost every office in the world. Often located in public areas they are simple to use and almost everyone has occasion to do so as a legitimate part of their job. This makes spotting fraudulent use all the more difficult.

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  • Unauthorised copies can be made releasing confidential information.

  • Authorised copies may be mislaid, disclosing confidential information to unauthorised parties.

  • Ensure that you keep all copies in your control whilst copying.
  • With sensitive information, only make the required number of copies - never any 'spares'.
  • All original sheets must be accounted for at the end of copying.
  • Unauthorised persons can nevertheless sometimes gain access to sensitive material and use copying facilities for personal or other reasons.

  • Your Access Control should safeguard against access to unauthorised material.
  • Challenge, and report to those responsible for security, any person observed copying documents seemingly beyond the scope of their job
  • Challenge, and report to those responsible for security, any visitor copying your organisation's documents.
  • Unauthorised people may see and remove copies during the copy / binding process.

  • Never leave the copier or documents unattended.
  • Gather each set of copies as they are completed.
  • Unauthorised people may see the contents of the document during copying.

  • Ensure that unauthorised people cannot read any documents whilst passing the machine.
  • When doing confidential copying ensure other persons are not waiting to use the photocopy machine.
  • Confidentiality can be breached by original sheets being left in machine.

  • All original sheets must be accounted for at the end of copying.
  • All unwanted sheets must be disposed of securely e.g. the shredder.
  • Sheets of partially copied material can become jammed in the machine which can disclose sensitive information to unauthorised persons e.g. the person removing the blockage.

  • Clear the damaged sheets personally, or closely supervise the clearance of the sheets.
  • Dispose of all unwanted sheets securely e.g. the shredder.
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