Loading Personal Screen Savers

Screen savers are small computer programs which reduce or eliminate 'screen burn' and often provide some visual entertainment or interest.

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  • Screen savers can include viruses and other malicious code resulting in local, and potentially, network wide damage.

  • The downloading of software from say the Internet is hazardous. Best advice is do not download screen savers unless they have been properly scanned for both viruses and other malicious code. It is not worth the risk!
  • Highly graphical (sound and video) screen savers can impact on your systems' resources both by using a relatively large amount of disk storage space and by requiring a significant memory and processor power.

  • In general it is better to restrict screen saver use to those which are pre-loaded with the operating system.
  • Always 'set' the option to require a password, this can avoid opportunistic 'browsing' of your PC!
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