Making Emergency Amendments to Software

The emergency measures that you should adopt if it becomes necessary to amend the live software environment immediately.

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  • Emergency conditions can lead to a collapse of agreed procedures with the resultant opportunity for error or malicious activity.

  • Consider and agree the specific circumstances under which an emergency amendment could be initiated. In particular, identify the trigger(s) which will initiate the procedures.
  • Complete a suitable 'Pre-Amendment' form.
  • Whilst temporary 'short cuts' may be necessary, ensure that all actions are meticulously documented.
  • Never compromise the Information Security of your live source and object libraries, e.g. by revealing an Administrator's password to development staff.
  • Generate an audit trail and have it formally checked by someone in authority as soon as possible.
  • Complete a suitable 'Post-Amendment' form.
  • Regularise the situation at the earliest opportunity. The enhanced software or configuration file must either be added to your live libraries through the normal procedures, or deleted, if no longer required. Perform the deletion under controlled conditions.


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