Safeguarding against Libel and Slander

Casual comments in e-mails relating to individuals or rival companies may be construed as defamatory - even if the comments are valid.

This topic discusses ways of discouraging the publication of this type of material.

The legal consequences for publishing potentially defamatory material on an open access medium, such as the Internet, can be severe.

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  • A casual comment posted through your systems, to an Internet News Group about a business competitor could result in legal action being taken against your organisation.

  • Your organisation's Information Security Policy should specify and provide unambiguous directions for Using the Internet in an Acceptable Way.
  • Restrict users' access to News Groups except for specified business purposes, and then preferably only to read. However, where a response is required, use an appropriate signature file.
  • Make users aware that making defamatory comments is illegal, both within and outside the organisation, and could result in disciplinary action being taken.
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