Employing / Contracting New Staff

Employers should protect themselves against hiring individuals who are ill suited to the demands of the job. Such employees will be given access to the organisation's Information Systems, and therefore the resultant Information Security risks need to be addressed.

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  • Poor pre-employment screening methods can lead to employment of a person with unsuitable or even possibly fictitious credentials.

  • Prior to hiring staff, verification checks should be carried out. These should include: a minimum of two references and verification of the major aspects of the candidate's curriculum vitae, for example by checking the candidate's academic qualifications.
  • Where the applicant has no current permanent address, take care to verify their status and background.
  • Consider the need for a credit rating check for staff handling highly confidential / sensitive information or where large financial sums are involved.
  • Appropriate checks should also be carried out on contract and temporary staff.
  • Employment agencies who provide staff to your organisation may have similar checks in place, but it is advisable to verify them.
  • With the introduction of the European Union Human Rights Act screening policies will have to be devised with care. You may require legal advice on how to do this without infringement of this Act.
  • If new staff are unaware of your Information Security Policies your organisation may suffer damage with possibly little legal redress against the individual(s) concerned.

  • Present new staff with an induction pack put together in association with your Personnel Department which includes Information Security issues.
  • Incorporate Information Security training into induction.
  • Confirm that staff have genuinely understood the Information Security Policy and Standards for your organisation.
  • Provide all staff, especially new employees, with easy access to your Information Security Policies, perhaps using a local Intranet.
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