Personnel Information Security Responsibilities

All persons employed by the organisation have an individual and collective responsibility for Information Security. This section provides guidance on key topics within this area of responsibility.

Using the Internet in an Acceptable Way
Keeping Passwords / PIN Numbers Confidential
Sharing Organisation Information with Other Employees
Using E-Mail and Postal Mail Facilities for Personal Reasons
Using Telephone Systems for Personal Reasons
Using the Organisation's Mobile Phones for Personal Reasons
Using Organisation Credit Cards
Signing for the Delivery of Goods
Signing for Work done by Third Parties
Ordering Goods and Services
Verifying Financial Claims and Invoices
Approving and Authorisation of Expenditure
Answering Telephone Enquiries
Sharing Confidential Information with Family Members
Gossiping and Disclosing Information
Spreading Information through the Office 'Grape Vine'
Playing Games on Office Computers
Using Office Computers for Personal Use

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