Dealing with Disaffected Staff

Disaffected staff can present a significant risk as they are still deemed trusted employees, but their potential to inflict damage is high. All staff will usually become aware of what Information Assets are of value to the organisation and, although they may not have direct access themselves, they may be able to obtain access through personal relationships.

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  • Staff whose personal circumstances have changed (e.g. financial) or who have a grievance may begin to act differently. Their change in behaviour could alert you to the possibility of a breach (or attempted breach) of your Information Security.

  • As a colleague or manager of the individual concerned, endeavour to discuss with them the problem in a non confrontational and conciliatory manner. Encourage them to discuss it with a colleague in Personnel Department. Always note down the details and results of such conversations.
  • Where the aggrieved person's behaviour and actions are perceived as likely to threaten the organisation's security, notify the Security Officer and, in conjunction with Personnel Department, consider whether to suspend access to information and systems in order to prevent any potential breach of security.

    N.B. Always seek legal advice where your own actions taken to safeguard the organisation could be perceived by the aggrieved party (or, potentially, their lawyer) as threatening or in contravention of privacy or other rights.
  • To minimise risk, consider following the guidelines for developing a grievance procedure, as available from the UK's ACAS Web site. This document deals with actual and perceived grievances within the workplace.
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