Handling Staff Resignations

Staff resignations occur from time to time and in the main are harmonious. However, whenever a member of staff resigns, there is the possibility that the person may be resentful of some issue, and could subsequently potentially act in a manner which could jeopardise the security of the organisation.

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  • Staff resignations can be followed by a loss of loyalty, especially where the individual involved perceives that their resignation has had little or no 'impact'. Such staff may become disgruntled and use their authority and / or systems privileges to 'sabotage' or 'mess up' information on the system.

  • A suitable procedure must be in place to evaluate the risk to the organisation following staff resignation and the appropriate action if the risk of possible opportunistic breach is deemed high. See Dealing with Disaffected Staff.
  • If the resignation is tendered in anger, instant removal of access to information and systems may be necessary. In all cases, notify the Security Officer.
  • If the resignation is negotiated, suitable access rights until the departure date should be determined.
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