Electronic Eavesdropping

'Electronic eavesdropping' is the term applied to monitoring electronic radiation from computer equipment and reconstituting it into discernible information. Although this sounds like a highly technical process, sometimes it can be undertaken easily with inexpensive equipment. The method can be applied to most computer equipment, but it is particularly effective with conventional (CRT-based) VDUs, situated in solitary locations close to the outer wall of your building. Although electronic eavesdropping is a relatively obscure threat to the confidentiality of your data, it is wise to take the possibility of it into account when selecting premises for computer monitors.

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  • Loss of Confidentiality because information is 'stolen' from your screen.

  • Avoid locating monitors on which you display confidential data close to the outer wall of your building.
  • Consider the use of a 'flat screen' LCD terminal which omits little, if any radiation, and hence is not susceptible to such threat.
  • For very confidential applications consider the use of specialised shielding against electromagnetic waves
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